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About Somerset Gynecology & Obstetrics

Our Practice & Our Care Model

Somerset Gynecology & Obstetrics is committed to a personalized women’s health experience. Our practice offers a full team of physicians, three of whom speak a second language (Polish, Spanish, or Chinese). With our diverse backgrounds and personalities, our entire team works together to prioritize every individual patient and their family’s needs.

In addition to providing a caring environment designed to build long-term relationships, we utilize laser and robotic-based surgical care options as needed to provide enhanced, targeted women’s health treatments. Our team, our services, and our tools combine to create a diverse and well-rounded work environment - with you and your health at the central focus of it all!

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Our Vision

Our vision is a healthcare model that understands how a woman’s health affects her, her family, and her children - and which offers individualized treatment that maximizes the health of patient and family alike.

Our Mission

Ensure every woman at our practice looks and feels her best, and lives the healthiest life she can!